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sábado, 9 de agosto de 2014

O erro monoteísta

"Monotheism is therefore a metaphysical error, since the world principle, which is outside the world, is beyond number, impersonal, indescribable, and unknowable. Above all, monotheism is dangerous because of its consequences, since it is a projection of the human 'self' into the divine sphere, replacing love and respect for the divine work as a whole with a fictitious character, a kind of heavenly king who governs human affairs, to whom the most absurd edicts are attributed. Intolerant, the so-called ”only god” is, in fact, only the god of one tribe. Monotheistic religions have served as an excuse for persecutions, massacres, and genocides; they fight each other to impose the dominion of their heavenly tyrant on others." 

Alain Daniélou, 'Shiva and the Primordial Tradition: From the Tantras to the Science of Dreams'